There is no doubt that Mobile is the biggest development in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) today. The power and functionality packed into these devices continues to increase and amaze. It is no wonder our mobile devices are the first things we reach for when we wake up, and the last things we put down before we fall asleep. Most people no longer go online, they live online.
Targeting these mobile online dwellers community is one sure way of reaching your audiences wherever they may be.

But just how do we measure our marketing efforts aimed at the mobile crowd?

The Full Value of Mobile Calculator developed by Google provides a simple tool and benchmarks to help you estimate the value that mobile drives for your business through calls, apps, in-store, mobile site and cross-device. In about 30 minutes, you can follow the step-by-step wizard to upload data from AdWords and your mobile website, and make some key assumptions to create your Full Value of Mobile estimate.

Google has put together a nifty little tool to calculate and help you estimate that mobile efforts drive to your business.
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